The climate has become an important part of the social debate, and, as a property investor and manager, it is only natural for us to Take active ownership of environmental aspects.
Sustainability is about more than just energy conservation
We base our sustainability work on three aspects:
  • The environmental aspect 
  • The social aspect
  • The economic aspect 
Sustainable development must comprise all three areas.
Active ownership
Our parent organisation, the Danish Labour Market Supplementary Pension Fund (ATP), has clearly communicated that it intends to play a responsible role in climate issues via sustainable investments in, for example, forestry. ATP’s approach is that, broadly speaking, social responsibility is most often a precondition for long-term, sound earnings and or maintaining the value of the investments made.
Property investment and management are not just a question of bricks and capital. At least, not if you want to maintain your competitiveness. We must be able to act responsibly at several levels: We must ensure a high return for the benefit of all ATP’s customers, and we must meet current requirements for the layout, interior design, architecture of the properties as well as environmental issues. Active ownership is a key term for us.
In cooperation with our customers
To succeed in our sustainability objectives, including CO2 reduction, we depend on good cooperation with our customers, i.e. the tenants, who have the properties as their daily workplace. Through dialogue and advice, we hope for increased awareness of the importance of reducing energy consumption.
Green Building Council
We are in the process of classifying all our properties based on their level of sustainability. This will provide a useful overview of properties that meet the sustainability requirements and properties for which the sustainability level can be improved. The classification is performed in cooperation with Green Building Council.