We own properties in Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the UK. 
We own a total of approximately 80 properties, corresponding to more than 1 million square metres. 
In Denmark, we focus on Greater Copenhagen and Greater Aarhus. Abroad, we specifically consider each individual investment in relation to quality and location. 
We make direct property investments, primarily in large properties with architectural and structural qualities above average. For all the properties, the location must be attractive to our tenants, now and in the future.

Property types
  • Office properties: Comprise all types of office properties.
  • Retail properties: Comprise shopping centres or properties with prime locations along important shopping streets.
  • Residential rental properties
  • Other properties: Comprise multi-storey car parks and basements that are naturally connected with our properties.
  • Development properties: Comprise development projects and properties that have not been fully let at the time of acquisition.

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