We own properties in Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the UK. In addition, we have a number of indirect investments both in Denmark and abroad.
Our new investments will be exclusively in properties owned directly by us, but naturally we will continue to managing the portfolios of existing indirect investments in funds. Our focus is on investing the ATP funds in the best possible way; however, we also have a social responsibility where sustainability plays a major role.  
What do we invest in?
In Denmark, we focus on Greater Copenhagen and Greater Aarhus. Abroad, we make a specific decision on each investment opportunity as regards quality and location. 

We make direct property investments, primarily in large properties with above-average architectural and structural qualities. It applies to all the properties that the location must be attractive for our tenants now and in future.

The property investments in Denmark are managed by our own team performing total administration, thus ensuring optimal customer and property management. In connection with our international investments, we collaborate with local experts on operation and management.

We are an all-equity investor and do thus not require external financing. If we participate in consortia or joint ownerships, we want to retain control of the investment by being a majority owner or as minimum being an equal partner. Furthermore, we want to have responsibility for the operation, maintenance and management in connection with joint ownerships and consortia.

Property types
  • Office properties. Include all types of office premises.
  • Retail properties. Include shopping centres or properties with prime locations along main shopping streets.
  • Residential rental properties.
  • Other properties. Include multi-storey and underground car parks naturally connected with our properties.
  • Development properties. Include development projects and properties which are not fully rented out at the time of purchase.