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New man takes the reins as CEO of ATP Real Estate

CEO of ATP Real Estate, Michael Nielsen, has decided to step down. He will be replaced by ATP Real Estate’s CFO, Martin Vang Hansen.

The decision was made to make way for a fresh pair of hands to take charge of the transformation initiated by ATP’s CIO, Kasper Ahrndt Lorenzen, to further strengthen investment and management processes across ATP’s investment activities.

“After nearly 17 years, the time has come to hand over the reins of ATP Real Estate. I’ve had a wonderful time at ATP. It makes me proud to think of all the things we have achieved together but it’s of course also with sadness that I now step down and say goodbye to my fantastic colleagues at ATP Real Estate – and in Hillerød. I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone – and I’ll see you around. And all the best to my successor,” says Michael Nielsen.

Michael Nielsen is respected and well-known in the Danish real-estate industry – both for his acumen and results and for his keen interest in ATP’s real-estate portfolio. He has been a driving force of some of ATP’s major international real-estate investments as well as significant investments in Denmark such as Ørsted’s headquarters, the UN City and Axel Towers – all real estate that now stand as prominent landmarks in Copenhagen.

ATP’s CIO expresses great praise for Michael Nielsen:

“Michael Nielsen has done a fantastic job at ATP Real Estate. He has developed our real-estate portfolio so that it now stands at approx. DKK 50 billion and created solid returns for the benefit of Danish pensioners. He has done so in line with ATP’s values and with a great understanding of the role ATP plays in society. Michael deserves much praise and recognition,” says Kasper Ahrndt Lorenzen, who is pleased that Michael has agreed to continue to share his knowledge and experience with ATP. His exact role has yet to be defined.

With today’s news, Martin Vang Hansen will become CEO of ATP Real Estate. Kasper Ahrndt Lorenzen on the new CEO of ATP Real Estate:

“I’m very happy that we have a qualified successor at ATP Real Estate, who has been working closely together with Michael. Martin Vang Hansen is the right man to take on this job. I know Martin as a capable leader with the right values and ability to motivate and mobilise people. I’m certain that Martin – in close cooperation with the nearly 100 employees – will further ensure long-term value creation in ATP Real Estate.”

The new CEO of ATP Real Estate, Martin Vang Hansen, is looking forward to his new role with equal amounts of joy and humility:

“One of the industry greats is stepping down today – so I have some big shoes to fill. I’m grateful for the trust shown in me by ATP, and I’ll do my utmost – together with the competent employees – to live up to the expectations. I also take pleasure in the time I have been working together with Michael and the fact that we will still be able to benefit from his experience and great knowledge about the real-estate industry.”

The CEO shuffle is effective as of today and Michael Nielsen will be handing over his assignments until the turn of the year.

Information about a farewell reception will be provided as soon as possible.

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